Groups & Guided tours

Guided tour in Gamla stan. Photo: Thomas Karlsson.

Book a guided tour of our underground museum, walk through the medieval Stockholm in Gamla stan or visit the Blackfriars’ cellar.

Group bookings

We offer guided tours for groups of the museum and city walks.
Telephone +46 8 508 31 620, Tuesday–Friday 09.30–11.30

The Museum


Our exhibition tell the story of the town’s emergence and its development in the Middle Ages. Newly built historical environment is mixed with modern technolgy and permanent heritage monuments.

We explore the original town wall from 1530, a market square, a church and a place for councils, a cloister with a garden and the gallows. Read more about the exhibitions.

60 minutes tour for groups up to 30 persons.
Daytime SEK 1,500
Evenings and weekends SEK 2,300

The Medieval Stockholm Walk


Join the Medieval Museum in a city-walk and discover the early history of Stockholm. Along the narrow streets of Old Town, up on the facades and right among the cobble stones we find clues to life in medieval Stockholm. During our walk, we hear about the city’s residents and temporary visitors. We listen to stories of everyday life, festivities, piety and merciless punishment.

The tour ends with a visit to Blackfriars’ cellar where some miracles are said to have happened.

90 minutes tour for groups up to 30 people
Daytime SEK 2,500
Evenings and weekends SEK 3,500

The Blackfriars’ cellar


On a hill going down towards Österlånggatan (East Long Street) in the Old Town is a small, black iron door. Behind it are the cellars of the Blackfriars’ Monastery. People made pilgrimages to Stockholm and the monastic church of the Blackfriars to pray for healing and recovery. These cellars may well have been used as lodgings for the pilgrims. Nowadays the cellars form the only visible remains of the monastery, but foundation walls and cellars from the Middle Ages are in existence in the whole of the surrounding quarter of the town. Read more about the Blackfriars’ cellar.

45 minutes tour for groups up to 30 people.
Daytime SEK 2,500
Evenings and weekends SEK 3,100